Posted by: usfarctic2011 | October 9, 2011

Snowy Owl

Taken by our US Fish and Wildlife Bird Observer, Luke DeCicco. Snowy Owls are a nomadic species with a range on the order of a thousand miles. They often venture a hundred miles or more onto the arctic ice in search of prey.

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  1. Hello Luke, Matthias, Jin, and Dr. Bob Byrne, Thanks for sharing the photo of the Snowy Owl. I have wanted to see one all my life, but I think the only time I saw one was in a zoo.
    It has been raining here for a day and a1/2. Mild temps, reminds me of New England.

    I was sorry to hear about the loss of the sound data. Hopefully, your analysis of the other data will more than make-up for it. I’ve read that the Arctic ice is at a record low status. Try to keep safe and warm. You still have quite a bit of time, Good Luck!

    Dorothy Kaluzny

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